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An diesem Wochende ist das 1. Tullner Coed Slow Pitch Lokal Turnier im Tullner Aubad über die Bühne gegangen. Zum Turnier traten unter anderem folgende Tullner Lokale an: LIME Restaurant, WINZIG Cafe-Bar, HUBERTS TAVERNE und MAYERHOFERS.

Team Fotos gibt es hier.

1st Annual Lokal Turnier 2006


Game 1

Lime Ghosts vs. Huberts Taverne Baldies  - Winner Huberts Taverne Baldies

Game 2

Winzig Sharks vs. Mayerhofers Dream Team - Winner Winzig Sharks

Game 3

Huberts Taverne Baldies vs. Mayerhofers Dream Team - Winner Huberts Taverne Baldies

Game 4

Lime Ghosts vs. Winzig Sharks - Winner Winzig Sharks

Game 5

Huberts Taverne Baldies vs. Winzig Sharks -  Winner Winzig Sharks

Game 6

Lime Ghosts vs. Mayerhofers Dream Team -  Winner Lime Ghosts

Tournament Final Standings





Tournament Review by tournament President and Tulln Ravens Trainer/Speiler Brett Cumiskey

For the first time in Tulln Ravens Baseball-Softball Club history this could have been one of tue most successful tournaments organized on the Softball side for the tulln ravens. All locals have shown skill, talent and team spirit never seen before in Tulln for this new interest of a sport amongst the locals.

Each game, each inning and every pitch all players have shown talent for me that I think they do not  know they have for themselves for this sport.

The two most competitive teams in the tournament were the Winzig Sharks and Huberts Taverne Baldies.

The favorites of the tournament were expected to be Taverne Baldies which had the numbers of skills players, size of players and power; but The Winzig Sharks came across the Softball Diamond/ field which discipline and defense.  Discipline, Defense = Champions Local Turnier 2006

Two teams with the most will power and showed the most “Team Spirit” were the Mayerhofers Dream Team and Lime Ghosts. There were so much talent, so much interest in how to play this new sport that for these teams it was NOT ABOUT WINNING OR LOSING, it was about playing together as a team and having fun with all involved in  the tournament.

I would like to thank all Local Chefs, Managers and Team Managers for such a successful tournament for the first time in Ravens Baseball-Softball Club History. Winzig Sharks (ANDI WALLA), Huberts Taverne Baldies (HUBERT ERHFRANK), Lime Ghosts (FREDDIE), Mayerhofers Dream Team (SANDRA MAYERHOFER).

THANK YOU ALL for being a part of tue Tulln Ravens Baseball-Softball Clubs family for many years to come!!

*****PLEASE MAKE PLANS FOR OCTOBER FEST LOKAL TURNIER 2006. 6 Locals to be named by September.****

Also please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any ideas or  future plans together for your locals and your new family the Tulln Ravens Baseball-Softball Club.

Liebe Grüsse!!

Brett Cumiskey                                                                                                              

Special Thanks

Arthur Hammer (Grill Chef)
Hans Matous (vp/ organizer)
Gerhard Otzlberger (PR)
Rolf Grübl (Field Chef)
Andi Shmidinger & Gerhard (Music DJ)

1st Annual Lokal Turnier 2006
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