Interesse an Baseball?

Du bist interessiert in Baseball und würdest es selbst gerne mal versuchen? Dann komm vorbei!

Bitte um kontaktaufnahme unter:

Kinder und Jugend (6-14 Jahre): 0650 44 22 0 22

Erwachsene (ab 15 Jahren): 0699 81 23 35 07

bzw. folge uns über Facebook:


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Hier einige Infos über Pony, T-Ball und Coed Slow Pitch Termine der Ravens in kommender Zeit.

Pony Team Next Games

June 15th 12pm start 2 games

Wr. Neustadt Ravens vs. Diving Ducks

June 17th 3 Team Tournament Traiskirchen

Grasshoppers vs. Diving Ducks 11.30am
Diving Ducks vs. Ravens 14.00pm
Grasshoppers vs. Ravens 16.30pm

July 1st 3 Team Tournament Wien Freudenau

Lawnmowers vs. Lions 9.00am
Ravens vs. Lawnmowers 11.00am
Lions vs. Ravens 13.00pm

T-Ball ages 6-9

June 24th T-ball game in Tulln "Ravens Nest".

Ravens vs. Diving Ducks 12.00pm

July 8th 1st Annual Coed Softball Lokal Turnier 2006

Lokals are...........

Huberts Taverne
Mayerhofers Cafe

Brett Cumiskey and The Tulln Ravens will be hosting a
lokals coed softball ttournament at the aubad. Should
be very exciting! Don't miss out!

Schedule and information to follow.

Please check on the "Termine" (in mainmenu of the website) for the next games of the first and second team and come out and support your Tulln Ravens teams.

See you all at the park!