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Coach 2014

Alex Lee joins the Tulln Ravens Family after spending the past spring as a manager at D-BAT Austin, a brand new baseball training academy in Austin, Texas. Previously, Alex has held other instructing and coaching roles with D-BAT, logging over 2,000 hours of private instruction, small-group instruction, and camp/clinic coaching since the spring of 2012, primarily teaching hitting and infield defense. 

In his time as a coach, Alex has worked with players at all ages and ability levels, coaching in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, his hometown of Boston, MA, and most recently in Austin, TX. He has worked with players of all levels, from professional, D1 college, high school, to players as young as Little Leaguers. Alex has also coached teams at the 19-under and 12-under level while serving as a team hitting instructor for many others. 

Additionally, Alex has experience coaching players with various health conditions, specifically working with deaf or hearing impaired, as well as running sports programs for those with various developmental disorders, particularly Autism and Asperger syndrome.  

Alex played 4 years of D1 NCAA college baseball at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, primarily as a Second Baseman and Shortstop, before graduating with a B.A. in Business Economics in 2011. Upon returning to the U.S., Alex plans to enroll in a graduate program to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is excited to bring his coaching and playing experience from the US Northeast and Southeast over to Europe in an effort to help teach the game of baseball with the philosophy of respecting the game, putting the team before the individual, always staying positive, and enjoying the game.